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September 26th, 4:49 pm

Griffin Neighbors

Today on the Griffin Fire Department Headquarters sign.

Some neighbors have been calling for a return to the old sign. What do you think of the new sign? Is it an improvement over the old one?
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Liked the old one better. Can't hardly see this one.

It is harder to read when you're driving by with all of the moving graphics.

I like seeing the positive quotes when I drive by but I think it’s much harder to read the new one. 😞 maybe partly due to color backgrounds? 🤔

To fast, to low, writing to small ,would have to slow way down to read it. Ignore it now. Shame, miss the old one.

Nope. For me it’s a major disappointment.

Hard to see and read miss the old one

Messages rotate too fast, Too hard to read while driving. Maybe the can put the old on up also and use for the Inspirational (non-moving) sayings.

Bring back the old one. Too hard to read.

Miss the old one

It's nice but it's hard to read some of the colors.

I loved the old one. I would enjoy anticipating the new quotes, etc. I now have to ignore the new one for safety reasons. Too much, too fast. Can't take my eyes off the road that long. My minister, who also lived out this way before she moved, would often incorporate the quotes into her sermons! Miss the old one, for sure. Thanks for asking.

Like the old one. Easier, safer, quicker to glance at and read while driving past.

Old one. Honestly, this one is blinding at night.

It's hard to read, and anything LED is highly distracting to me, especially after dark.

It’s a traffic hazard because it’s too hard to read. Bring back the old one.

I don't mind it during the day, but it's way too bright at night.

New one is harder to read.

The new sign offers the fire department a way to post multiple messages that concern our community. Of course, we miss the old sign, but I am thankful for the Griffin FD’s efforts to keep us all informed.

An app or online updates for more info could have been a better approach. I can’t read these types of signs as messages go too fast or you just get a blip of all the info, and they don’t look very nice in the landscape. I loved the quotes! It reflected values of people in our community and I enjoyed knowing my kids were reading them as well. Thanks for asking.

I like the old one. Easier to read and less distracting.

I prefer the old one and the quotes. It was easy to read. It was cool because it was more retro looking with the letters. New one is too busy.

I like the old one better, but the thought for the day is still on this new one and they have the ability to give us more information, so would stick with this one.

I don't live there anymore, but it's still home. I always appreciated the single message that you could read without running into another. What's next; a casino?

I don't mind the new one (I do prefer the old one though) but only wish it was a little higher because it is hard to read at the height it is at.

The old one please!

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September 25th, 1:51 pm

Griffin Neighbors

In Thurston County, voters' pamphlets will be mailed October 3. Our ballots will be mailed October 8 and ought to arrive in our mailboxes between October 10 and 16.

You can read the voters' pamphlet now. It's online at

Look for the Vote Smart badge, on our posts here on Facebook and on Twitter, for information about voting. We'll post more as ballots are distributed.

There's still time to register to vote, too. Do it online at
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In Thurston County, voters pamphlets will be mailed October 3. Our ballots will be mailed October 8 and ought to arrive in our mailboxes between October 10 and 16.

You can read the voters pamphlet now. Its online at

Look for the Vote Smart badge, on our posts here on Facebook and on Twitter, for information about voting. Well post more as ballots are distributed.

Theres still time to register to vote, too. Do it online at

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The voters' guide for non-local elections - the state, national, judicial positions, and other ballot items - is on the Secretary of State's website at

September 25th, 7:21 am

Griffin Neighbors

Photos from South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust's post ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachment

September 25th, 7:20 am

Griffin Neighbors

Photos from South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust's post ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachmentImage attachment

September 25th, 7:17 am

Griffin Neighbors

Photos from Olympia Timberland Library's post ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachment

September 24th, 4:50 pm

Griffin Neighbors

Create your own Wine Tasting Event at Sovereign Cellars Winery! ... See MoreSee Less

September 24th, 6:40 am

Griffin Neighbors

Disaster Preparedness in 3 Steps ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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For more disaster preparedness tips, see the website at and our own web page at

September 24th, 6:37 am

Griffin Neighbors

Fluffster Wears a Mask ... See MoreSee Less

September 23rd, 4:07 pm

Griffin Neighbors

How about dinner tonight from Steamboat Grill & Greens? ... See MoreSee Less

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The mission of the Griffin Neighborhood Association is to help build community consensus on major issues confronting the Griffin area, including growth, land issues, habitat, water quality, transportation and school planning. When appropriate, we research issues as honest brokers of information, provide forums for debate, attempt to arrive at community consensus and issue resolution, and present this consensus to appropriate decision makers.

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Upcoming Events

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Mason Transit Authority Returns Limited Saturday Service

The Mason Transit Authority has returned limited Saturday service, including service on Route 6, which runs between Shelton and Olympia. This service, now running Monday through Saturday, allows Steamboat Peninsula residents to call ahead to get the bus to make a stop. Just call Mason Transit at 360-427-5033 and request that a bus pull off US-101, either heading to Olympia or to Shelton.

The bus will stop at different locations, depending on whether you are heading to Olympia or heading toward Shelton.

If you are heading to Olympia, the bus will stop at the corner of Whittaker Rd. NW/Steamboat Island Rd. and Old Highway 101 NW. In the illustration below, you can see the little blue bus symbol marking that location.

If you are heading to Shelton, the bus will stop on Sexton Dr. NW, in front of the Island Market.

Here is a link to the timetable running from Shelton to Olympia. The bus continues from Steamboat Island to Westside of Olympia, Mud Bay Rd, Harrison Ave, and the Olympia Transit Center.

And here is a link to the timetable running from Olympia to Shelton. The bus leaves the Olympia Transit Center and its first stop will be at Steamboat Island. From there is goes on to the Kamilche Transit Center, Cole Rd Park & Ride, Shelton Outfitters, Transit-Community Center, and Kneeland Plaza (7:40PM Route only).

The fare is $1.50 one-way, Seniors (65+) are $0.50 and children under age 6 ride free. Exact change is required.

Griffin School K-5th Grade “Drive Through Parade” Tuesday, September 8

If you have a child at Griffin School, Kindergarten through 5th Grade, this Tuesday’s “Drive Through Parade” is for you!

Load up the kids and drive them through the school parking lot to come and “meet” their teachers! Make a sign with your child’s name and his/her teacher’s name so we can find each other! Teachers will gather by grade level with clear signage to help locate them. Other staff will join to wave hello. Please wear a mask when you drive through to say a quick hello to Griffin Staff! We cannot wait to see all of your happy faces. We are ready to kick off our new school year!

Back to School
Welcome to the School Year Drive Through Parade
Tuesday, September 8
4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Griffin School bus loop

GNA Board Members Prepare BBQ for Griffin Fire First Responders

We all feel safe in our beautiful Steamboat community and that is in great part because of our wonderful first responders. The Board of the Griffin Neighborhood Association wanted to show our gratitude to them by cooking up and serving a meal. It pales in comparison to the risks they all take for us, but it definitely came from our hearts.

We were able to do this for them on Saturday, August 22nd. We also took this opportunity to welcome our new fire chief, Corey Rux. What a great time we all had getting to know one another and making plans for future endeavors together. We even managed to have some ‘entertainment’ of sorts after we ate. Did someone say Karaoke? Yes, they did and a few brave souls brought even more joy to the day with a song or two.

Fire Chief Corey Rux

Fire Chief Corey Rux

Thanks to all of the board members that participated and to our fire chief and crew, it was a perfect day.

For more information about the Griffin Fire Department, click here to see their website (check out their free services and resources page). You can email them at or give them a call at 360-866-9000. Their office hours at the Headquarters (3707 Steamboat Loop NW) are 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Local Resident Peter Reid’s New Book is “Every Hill a Burial Place”

This September, local resident Peter Reid’s latest book, Every Hill a Burial Place, will be available.

In 1966, Peace Corps Volunteer Peverly “Peppy” Kinsey mysteriously fell while out on a picnic with her husband, Bill. The two were both volunteers for the Peace Corps in Tanzania. Local authorities arrested Bill and charged him with murder as witnesses came forward claiming to have seen the pair engaged in a struggle, a bloody iron bar was found near the scene. The incident had the potential to be disastrous for both the Peace Corps and the newly independent nation of Tanzania.

Reid, who was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania at the time, has exposed inconsistencies and biases in the case and a prosecution “severely overmatched” by the resources the defense brought in to argue for Bill Kinsey’s acquittal.

“Peter Reid has written a meticulously researched and fascinating true story about the ambiguous death of a female Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania in the 1960s and the subsequent prosecution of her husband, a fellow Peace Corps volunteer, for murder. Equally compelling is the backstory about a range of issues receiving intense local and worldwide attention, including calls to “send in the Marines” to rescue the accused, an apparent lack of concern about justice for the deceased, and the perception of special treatment for a white American in a newly independent African nation.” — Skip McGinty, 1960s Peace Corps Africa Volunteer and Peace Corps Country Director, Oman

You can order a copy online, on Amazon.

Peter H. Reid, past member of the Griffin Neighborhood Association and one of the principal organizers of the Steamboat Conservation Partnership, is also the retired founding director of the Community Law Clinic at Stanford Law School. Peter previously served for more than thirty years as executive director of the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County. He lives in here on the Steamboat Peninsula and in Santa Cruz, California, with his wife Barbara.

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