Elizabeth Hummel Trio, Concert at Rignall Hall, June 7

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Don't forget this weekend's Spring Release from our award-winning winery, Sovereign Cellars!
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Have you tried the Sovereign Cellars reds? You should. Spring Release Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31 12 noon to 5 PM 7408 Manzanita Dr. NW (360) 866-7991 dwgrosswine@yahoo.com www.sovereigncellars.com/

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Next Saturday!
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We are getting ready for our big spring fundraiser. Save the date!!! Help us build a new outdoor play area for the preschoolers!

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Some of the best photos we've seen of the orca pod (in Eld Inlet, at the time these photos were taken). ... See MoreSee Less

A pod of about 15 Orcas treated Eld Inlet residents to quite the sight today! Photo credit: Kim Merriman Art • Glass Artist (using a telephoto lens and following Whale Wise viewing guidelines) www.thurstontalk.com/2015/02/06/orcas-visiting-olympia/

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Paul AllenWow, fantastic.

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Sunday, June 7 at 7:30 PM Elizabeth Hummel will kick off a special series of concerts at Rignall Hall. Here is a recent live video of a song from Elizabeth's album "The Cauldron". This video, of the song “Truth is Stranger,” features Robin Toye on percussion, Brian Castillo on mandolin, and Johanna Warren singing backups. ... See MoreSee Less

Performed at Joel and Mary’s living room concert, Feb. 7, 2015 with the Elizabeth Hummel Trio and special guest Johanna Warren Copyright 1994 by Elizabeth Hu...

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Griffin NeighborsHere's the event poster.

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This is one fine looking Northwest style Little Free Library! At the corner of Scott Road and 48th Way. ... See MoreSee Less

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Chocolate & Wine Tasting to benefit the Squaxin Island Museum Library and Research Center, May 23, 3 PM to 6 PM.
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We're still wrestling with the domain nameservers, but the new Griffin Neighborhood Association web site is finally up and running (thanks to some domain forwarding) at www.GriffinNeighbors.org ... See MoreSee Less

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Who is the Griffin Neighborhood Association?

The Griffin Neighborhood Association (GNA) is s registered with the State of Washington as a non-profit organization. We are a nonpartisan group of neighbors living within the boundaries of the Griffin School District, Thurston County, Washington.

Any person owning property, a business, or residing in the Griffin area is eligible to become a member and participate fully in the Association. Membership is also open to community groups and students of the Griffin School District. If you live or work in the Griffin neighborhood or Steamboat Peninsula, the Griffin Neighborhood Association is you.

Originally organized as the Oyster Bay Neighborhood Association in 1990, we were registered with the State of Washington as the nonprofit Griffin Neighborhood Association in December, 1995.

Our Mission

The mission of the Griffin Neighborhood Association is to help build community consensus on major issues confronting the Griffin area, including growth, land issues, habitat, water quality, transportation and school planning. When appropriate, we research issues as honest brokers of information, provide forums for debate, attempt to arrive at community consensus and issue resolution, and present this consensus to appropriate decision makers.

The Griffin Neighborhood Association also undertakes and supports projects that benefit our community, help to build a sense of community, and educate the community on topics of interest.

Our Board and Officers

Our Board is comprised of current members of the Association, elected by members of the Association present at the Annual Meeting. Officers are elected from Board membership by members of the Board.

The Board typically sets an annual schedule of regular meetings. Tentative meeting dates, times and locations are posted on our Facebook Page and on Nextdoor.

Our Upcoming Events

GNA Board Meeting

July 15, 2015, 6:00pm - July 15, 2015, 8:30pm

GNA Board Meeting

September 16, 2015, 6:00pm - September 16, 2015, 8:30pm

Local residents: Join Nextdoor to see GNA events, plus many more goings-on here in our neighborhood!

Spotlight on the Rescue of Schneider Creek

2009 0510 Wynne Farm

The Wynne Farm. Photo Credit: Greg Mennegar

Stand in their yard and you can hear the voice of nature whispering. Schneider Creek gently ripples through a culvert passing under the driveway of Tom and Charlene Wynne, carrying an occasional coho salmon, beginning its journey here on Wynne’s farm, a 500-plus acre estate that includes a mile and a half of Schneider Creek’s five-mile run through the Griffin peninsula. But if not for the efforts of the Wynnes over the past several years, that whisper might have been silenced by now.

The creek was artificially re-routed for unknown reasons sometime before Wynne’s grandfather Dominic Wynne bought the first 80 acres of the farm back in 1916. Consequently, it was not flowing according to Mother Nature’s plan, to the point where the salmon and other fish were at risk, and parts of the Wynne property were under 18 inches of water when it rained.

“It was a problem for me because I was driving through a foot or more of water any time it rained,” says Tom Wynne. “It was going to create a flooding problem on the county road sometime soon. “And,” he adds, “it was a problem for the fish because the passage in the creek was becoming so narrow that the fish were having trouble getting through.” Continue reading

A Look Back on 25 Years of the Griffin Neighborhood Association

25tg_anniversary2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Griffin Neighborhood Association (GNA) and its predecessor organization, the Oyster Bay Neighborhood Association. Like most neighborhood associations, both entities began over concerns about land use and development.

The Oyster Bay Neighborhood Association was created in 1990, primarily in response to a rural country inn that was proposed to be located on Oyster Bay Road. That organization ceased functioning towards the mid 1990’s.

The Griffin Neighborhood Association was formed in December of 1995 with a primary focus on land use issues, but not in opposition to any proposal, and to act as an honest broker of information. In the years since, the activities of the GNA have varied in response to the energy levels and interests of community members.

From 1996 through 2000, the newly formed GNA was quite active. Among other activities, the GNA focused on a proposal to expand the commercial zone adjacent to US Highway 101, prepared and distributed a printed business directory, produced a newsletter, and raised money to help residents who suffered from a massive landslide in the Carlyon Beach/Hunter Point area and on Sunrise Beach in February of 1999.

After 2000, the activity level of the GNA diminished. However, beginning in 2003, the GNA began to meet again and now is the most active neighborhood association in unincorporated Thurston County. Its activities have included: (1) creating the Steamboat Conservation Partnership with the Capitol Land Trust to raise money for its activities in our area; (2) providing a presence online and in social media; (3) pursuing a number of projects to increase a sense of community in the Griffin area; and (4) opposing a conference center that was proposed to be located on Steamboat Island Road. The decision to come out against the conference center was made only after holding public meetings on the proposed project and in direct response to the overwhelming level of opposition to the facility by local residents.

The Griffin community could have been the place Norman Rockwell might have chosen to paint his famous pictures of a wholesome American community! The GNA has helped to keep it that way.

– a recent comment, posted on Nextdoor


In 1990, Local residents rallied against a plan to convert a residence on Oyster Bay Road into a country inn. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Oyster Bay Neighborhood Association

The origins of the GNA begin with the Oyster Bay Neighborhood Association. The OBNA was founded in July 1990. Initial board members were Chris Wickham, Rick Bird, Bill Brown, Jovanna Brown, Sharon Fox, George Volker, Donna Altman, Catharine Walcker, Esther Steilberg, David Henry, Penny Hoffman, Ron Hoffman, Jerry Rheault, Gilbert Litchfield, and Douglas Mykol. Sharon Fox was the first president of the OBNA. Continue reading

GriffinNeighbors Website Changes

Twelve years ago, the Griffin Neighborhood Association went online with the GriffinNeighbors web site. Over the years, change came slowly to the website. Through it all, though, the underlying technology on which the original website was built was not changed. That is, until now. We are now unveiling a trimmer web site that boasts higher integration with social networking, is easy to read, and runs on a low-cost and sustainable platform.


Yep, we’re now on WordPress.

The new website retains most of the features of the old. Our home page provides the latest news from the Griffin Neighborhood Association. A new section, top left of the home page, highlights some of the big goings-on here on the Steamboat Peninsula.

The most recent posts on our Facebook Page and Twitter feed are on display. You don’t have to have a Facebook or Twitter account to read and benefit from what we’re sharing on those social networks.

It’s easy from our website to find us on Facebook, Twitter, or to get to this area’s Nextdoor network.

A new section on the home page displays upcoming events from the calendar on our Facebook Page.

The new website should display well, whether you’re viewing it on a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.

The most recent posts from our blog are displayed on our home page, too. A couple of clicks take you to our archive of more than 500 articles, including our series on local history and local nature.

It’s easy to add your own comments to our blog, too, and like and share our posts on some of the most popular social networks.


No, the original website was not built using this kind of PC.

Our growing directory of local businesses has a clean, easy to read layout.

Pages describing the Steamboat Conservation Partnership and providing resources to help you and your close neighbors to prepare for a disaster were moved from the old site.

Some Association members may find it convenient to pay their membership dues as an annual subscription. It’s easy to set up on our Join Us page. With a subscription, annual dues are automatically charged annually to your credit card. Want to cancel your subscription? There’s a button for that, too, on our Join Us page. Continue reading

Click here to read the entire blog of the Griffin Neighborhood Association or to post a comment on any individual story.

The opinions expressed on the GriffinNeighbors blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook are in no way intended to represent the opinions of the Griffin Neighborhood Association, it's members or Board.