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November 13th, 6:49 am

Griffin Neighbors

2018 Steamboat Stringband JamboreeJune 14, 2018, 7:00pmProsperity GrangeThe 4th annual Steamboat StringJam hosted by @[332714823040:274:Oly Mountain Boys] and @[406428242739984:274:The Pine Hearts] with three days of music, workshops, camping and fun in Olympia as a fundraiser for @[554806138032746:274:Outdoor Arts and Recreation].

Early bird tickets on sale now--only $50 for a three-day festival pass that includes free camping! More info and buy your tickets at
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2018 Steamboat Stringband Jamboree


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we really want to play the fest! Honey Don't from Bend--

November 9th, 6:35 am

Griffin Neighbors

Thurston County Washington
Every year there are people who struggle to make ends meet, going without adequate access to food, clothing, and other essentials. John Hutchings, Thurston County Commissioner District 1, talks with some of the people and organizations working to make a difference, and shows how others can get involved, on this this episode of Thurston County Connection. See it here:
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November 7th, 6:21 am

Griffin Neighbors

Today is Election Day. The ballot drop box, at the Griffin Fire Department, closes at 8 PM. Please get your ballot in, because voting and civic participation is neighborly. ... See MoreSee Less

Today is Election Day. The ballot drop box, at the Griffin Fire Department, closes at 8 PM. Please get your ballot in, because voting and civic participation is neighborly.

November 3rd, 6:49 am

Griffin Neighbors

The Cetak's wrote, "Please note we will be open the first weekend of December only for the 2017-18 season due to a small number of mature trees. Thanks to all our amazing customers who got our tree farm business off to a better start than we ever imagined! We are planting every year and this should not happen again after this year."

Open this weekend only for 2017-18 season.December 1, 2017, 9:00am
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Open this weekend only for 2017-18 season.

November 1st, 1:52 pm

Griffin Neighbors

Puget Sound Energy says, "Get ready for darker days with deals on LEDs"

When you turn back the clock for the end of Daylight Saving time, you don’t want to be left in the dark. Brighten your home with select Philips LEDs for as low as 99 cents per bulb, available only at participating The Home Depot stores:

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• Flood light LED 2-pack for $12.97

Stock up on these energy-saving LEDs for your home today. But hurry – offer ends on Nov. 26, 2017!
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Puget Sound Energy says, Get ready for darker days with deals on LEDs

When you turn back the clock for the end of Daylight Saving time, you don’t want to be left in the dark. Brighten your home with select Philips LEDs for as low as 99 cents per bulb, available only at participating The Home Depot stores:
• A-lamp LED 4-pack for $3.97
• Candelabra LED 3-pack for $2.97
• Recessed can LED 3-pack for $4.97
• Flood light LED 2-pack for $12.97

Stock up on these energy-saving LEDs for your home today. But hurry – offer ends on Nov. 26, 2017!

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Who is the Griffin Neighborhood Association?

The Griffin Neighborhood Association (GNA) is s registered with the State of Washington as a non-profit organization. We are a nonpartisan group of neighbors living within the boundaries of the Griffin School District, Thurston County, Washington.

Any person owning property, a business, or residing in the Griffin area is eligible to become a member and participate fully in the Association. Membership is also open to community groups and students of the Griffin School District. If you live or work in the Griffin neighborhood or Steamboat Peninsula, the Griffin Neighborhood Association is you.

Originally organized as the Oyster Bay Neighborhood Association in 1990, we were registered with the State of Washington as the nonprofit Griffin Neighborhood Association in December, 1995.

Our Mission

The mission of the Griffin Neighborhood Association is to help build community consensus on major issues confronting the Griffin area, including growth, land issues, habitat, water quality, transportation and school planning. When appropriate, we research issues as honest brokers of information, provide forums for debate, attempt to arrive at community consensus and issue resolution, and present this consensus to appropriate decision makers.

The Griffin Neighborhood Association also undertakes and supports projects that benefit our community, help to build a sense of community, and educate the community on topics of interest.

Our Board and Officers

Our Board is comprised of current members of the Association, elected by members of the Association present at the Annual Meeting. Officers are elected from Board membership by members of the Board.

The Board typically sets an annual schedule of regular meetings. Tentative meeting dates, times and locations are posted on our Facebook Page and on Nextdoor.

Our Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Local residents: Join Nextdoor to see GNA events, plus many more goings-on here in our neighborhood!

Camas Restoration and Traditional Pit Roast, October 21st

Click to read more about camassia quamash.The camas plant is ecologically important to western Washington prairies. It is also important to the cultural history of the Pacific Northwest. “Camas,” according to Native American Netroots, “is very high in protein: 5.4 ounces of protein per pound of roots. In comparison, steelhead trout (Salmo gairdneri) has 3.4 ounces of protein per pound.” Generations of local people have gathered and consumed camas. Early white explorers, too, learned how to find and prepare camas. “Some American explorers report eating camas that had been prepared 36 years earlier.”

Click image for a larger version.

The camas plant is an important part of South South prairies and we recently published an article regarding efforts to restore a piece of the prairie many of us pass through, every day.

You are invited to join the Squaxin Tribe and Thurston Conservation District to celebrate prairies, community, and camas.

Community for Camas
Saturday, October 21
11 AM to 2 PM
6710 Sexton Dr. NW, Olympia
Parking will be on the street with overflow parking at Griffin School.

This project brings together the tribe and community members to restore a small prairie in the Steamboat Island/Highway 101 interchange by planting camas and removing invasive species. Through restoration and partnerships, this parcel of land can be used as a teaching space for students of all ages!

Highlights include:

  • Learn about the cultural and ecological importance of camas from Squaxin tribal members
  • Plant camas bulbs on the site
  • Share food prepared in a traditional pit roast
  • Meet neighbors in your community!

If you have questions, contact Stephanie Bishop, of the Thurston County Conservation District, at or 360-754-3588, ext. 108.

Many thanks to the event sponsors: Squaxin Island Tribe, Thurston Conservation District, Washington Native Plant Society, Washington State Department of Transportation, Steamboat Conservation Partnership, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Let Us Not Pollute

When I was a teenager and young adult, I cared about the environmental pollution. I would SCUBA in Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. I was acutely aware that the salt water I got in my mouth, eyes, and my ears needed to be somewhat pure or I would get sick.

My peers dumped oil and fuel as they felt it necessary. There was really, nowhere, to dump small amounts of petroleum products safely. Even the most environmentally sensitive of my peers would dump a quart of old gasoline on a gravel road with the hope that it would evaporate instead of run down stream or get into the water table.

I did everything in my power to use up the gasoline which I used in outboard motors and lawn mowers. Yet from time to time I had leftover fuel. I would try to evaporate it on hot days in the summer in a pie tin. It was a slow and dangerous process and obviously contributed to air pollution.

Over the recent decades, I refused to dump or try to evaporate fuel. Every few years some agency would be accepting fuel or oil and I would save it until I could dispose of it properly.

Over the past five years, I saved eight gallons of fuel and oil. In desperation I loaded up the car and went over to the Thurston County Dump. At the dump is a place called "hazo-house."

Instead of me begging for information about where to properly get rid of the hazardous materials; they opened up my car and took it away while I was talking to somebody. I asked how much it would cost. It was free!

So get rid of your lawn mower and outboard motor fuel, when it spoils, at the dump. Don’t pollute!


James Nugent is a local author who now has 104 e-books, 95 paperbacks, and 53 audio books available at

In his book, An Alternative Boating Guide to Southern Puget Sound, Mr. Nugent "will examine five of the Southern Puget Sound Inlets from a recreational and a personally reflective point of view. Perhaps this unique perspective of not rushing from one place to another; a connoisseur’s perspective, will inspire you to go and be there. As I describe what I did in each inlet at one time or another; you are invited to add your expertise and seamanship, and create your own plans for adventure and leisure."

Lions Club Invites You to Help Make a World of Difference, Here in the Griffin Area

You may know them as the people who recycle your eyeglasses. That is part of activities begun by the Lions after, in 1925, Helen Keller “challenged Lions to become ‘knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.'” There has been a Lions Club in the Olympia area since 1935. Now there is a Lions Club being formed right here on the Steamboat Peninsula. You are invited to come this Monday and learn more about this organization of “1.4 million men and women who believe that kindness matters.”

Olympia Steamboat Peninsula Lions Club
Monday, August 28
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Griffin Fire Station 2, 8113 Steamboat Island Rd NW, Olympia, WA

Please take note: The meeting is not at the fire department headquarters. The meeting is being held at Station 2, more than halfway up the peninsula.

Local resident and Lions Club member Karen Sell and others have come together to form the newest branch of the Olympia Lions Club. According to an event notification on Nextdoor, “We have selected officers and project leads and invite anyone interested to join us as we develop more ways to enhance our community here on the Steamboat Peninsula. Projects we are already planning are local apple sales, vision and hearing screenings for our area school children, and the distribution of dictionaries to local third grade students.”

For many of us, the Lions Club is a name with which we are familiar. But what and who are the Lions? Lions Clubs International traces its roots back to 1917, in Chicago. Their mission is “To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs” and “To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.” In the Olympia area, you may have seen Lions working to support organizations such as the the Little Red Schoolhouse ProjectHomeless Backpacks, Senior Services for South Sound, and the Thurston County Food Bank.

Now there is a branch of the Lions Club forming to identify projects of interest here in the Griffin area.

“If you are excited about improving the sense of community here on the peninsula – and getting involved in some local service projects – this could be for you,” wrote Karen Sell, on Nextdoor. “Come to a meeting to learn more.”

The Lions Club Annual Fuji Apples Sale Has Begun

The new Olympia Steamboat Peninsula Lions Club branch is now taking orders for 40 pound boxes of Fuji apples – fresh from the orchard in Wenatchee – for just $30. Proceeds benefit Camp Leo summer camp for children with diabetes and Lions vision screening/eyeglasses for children.

“October is just around the corner, just think of the pies and other great treats you can make as the temps start down,” wrote local member Mike Reavis. Orders must be in by September 25 – Apples will be delivered to you in October. If you would like to order or have questions, email Mike at with your phone number for a call back or your email address.


Congratulations to Elaine Moore of Steamboat Island Road, who has won the free 40 pound box of Fuji apples given away by the Olympia Host Lions to advertise their apple sale and the formation of a new Steamboat Island peninsula Lions branch.

And if you did not win the free apples from the Lions, you still have a chance to get a 40 pound box of those luscious Fuji apples at the ridiculously low price of just $30 – that is just about 75 cents a pound.

The Steamboat Lions will induct 10 new members into their branch September 10. If you would like to be a part of the new Lions club working on projects for the Steamboat Peninsula, contact Karen Sell at and she will reply with all the details.

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